Scratching on Paper Workshops

Writing and yoga quiet the mind and relax the body.

These practices surprise and soothe.

They are simple, yet profound.

That’s why I teach.

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My signature writing/yoga workshops + performances have been shared in colleges and schools, libraries, theaters, retreat centers, and even a jazz club. I offer:

  • talks
  • retreats
  • artist-residencies
  • staff developments

Workshops can be designed for the needs of your group or organization.

Straight-up writing.

Yoga only.

A healing, inspiring mix of writing and yoga together.

All you need is pen and paper, and/or yoga mat, and a desire to spend some time with yourself. Come as you are. No experience necessary.

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Women’s Mini-Writing Retreat

This is a come-as-you-are gentle hour of writing in community, or as I like to say:

Writing with others to feel less nutty. It’s fun, creative, a chance to breathe + reflect…

Upcoming dates: TBA

Registration NOT required: All you need to do is show up with your favorite pen and notebook.

Easy link:

Meeting ID: 551 581 6110

Passcode: 8RXJnu

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* Write About It 

What happens when you write about it, whatever it is. Writing helps us find and use our voice. It surprises. It heals. In this workshop we’ll write together, share (only if you want), and listen. Working (and playing) with what comes up in a gentle, curious, and confidential setting. This workshop is especially empowering for teachers and others in the helping professions to de-stress, renew, create clarity, + feel less nutty.  No experience necessary. No kidding.

All you need is a notebook and a pen and a desire to spend time with yourself.

+ SELF = feeling less nutty

*stay tuned for upcoming dates + times