Something Like That

Lobster and Turtle, friends

May 5. 2014

I didn’t make it here yesterday as Dad ended up in the hospital over the weekend with pneumonia. Yikes. He was quite a confused boy, especially when the EMT’s came to get him. Lorraine, the nurse at the home where Dad lives said on the phone,

Your father has a fever. He’s just NOT himself.

I chatted with Mackenzie, the EMT, at the hospital. 

She said,

Your Dad shouted, Hell yeah! Rock and roll! as we were trying to get him in the ambulance.

So maybe he actually WAS himself. 

Two nights in the hospital and he is on the mend. It was a tiring weekend mixed with the beauty of sun and clouds and watching Claire run at a track meet and the gentle kindness of my brother, Rob, who drove over to lend a hand with Dad. 

Dad! Put your penis in the bottle! 

okay then.

I am thinking about how sometimes I carry you and sometimes you carry me, like lobster and turtle?

I am thinking about all the support I receive from so many people who live near and far. And all the people I care for and support to the best of my ability. Offered with spaciousness + love, rather than trying to be perfect, is way easier on the spirit. 

The smallest thing: 

a hug
a note
a cup of coffee
a helping hand
a phone call
cooking a delicious meal thank you, Michael xo
a listening ear

It doesn’t have to be a fireworks show.

Take a moment. 

Who do you support? way to go!
Who supports you? thank them today

Hold that feeling. 
Feel the soft place to land.

amazing, right? 

Running around, figuring things out, freaking out – 

not really what it’s about. 

Leaning in, leaning on – it’s a daily practice of trust.

feel the support
offer support
trust the love

It’s like a really good peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

~ or something like that.

xo b

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