On That Light

It’s really cold. Everybody’s talking about it.

Kerry, soul-sister from the north country of Vermont, wrote 14 below up here.

Can that be right?

Bill, my brother who lives in the wilds of Ontario 

[see Lion’s Head]

sent an email :

I receive this poem every winter and every winter I love re-reading it. It’s a beautiful poem and very well written:


Beautiful, yes?

All this cold has me thinking of the mouse who was frozen to the edge of our garbage can the other night. 

scream scream at this discovery, run run from can silly silly sad sad

Poor little guy trying to climb inside to get warm or find a nibble to eat? Almost to the mountain top, only to perish?

And being a life-long follower of 

all things Beatrix Potter

I couldn’t help thinking, 

if only mr. mousey 
was wearing a down vest 
and wool scarf 
and a red and white striped winter cap. 
if only.

But besides frozen pipes and ponds, and mice, besides that and other things that happen across my mind during the course of a day or a week, 

here’s what I’ve been paying attention to lately

the light. 



the really lovely light

when I keep my eye  on that light 

and it’s everywhere

i feel lighter in every way.

3 thoughts on “On That Light

  1. I love the light too and the shadows that go along with it. Beautiful photos as always Betsy, especially that ski lift chair with the sun shining!

  2. Hello and so nice to see a comment here.
    Photo of ski lift courtesy of my brother, Rob. Should've put that on the post…

    Ah yes, light and shadow. I love photographing all of it.

    Thanks for stopping by.
    xo b

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