I was feeling kinda low yesterday after talking to Dad. 

“Bets, I seem to be having some confusion,” he said.
“That’s okay, Dad.”
“Josh, who works here told me that I’d not been feeling well last night but I don’t really remember that and…”
“That’s okay, Dad.”
“I seem to be having confusion. Have you been watching the news about the Republicans and Democrats, how they need us to get out and vote. I want to do that and I hope you will too. I assume you’re a Democrat?”
“Yup. I’m a Democrat, Dad.”
“I remember my father, he had some confusion. He…”

So that felt kinda sad 

which is probably why I was yelling at the dog.

But today I was in a construction zone on the highway and there was a car which had some great bumper stickers on it, and one of them said in big letters


which made me feel instantly really happy so I rolled down my window and the people in the lemur car rolled down their window 

and I shouted


All 3 of us smiled 

and the woman driving clapped her hands.

note: trust all joy

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