Float Your Dreams

At midnight 
we stepped out the front door 
and banged on pots and pans, 
to the dark starry sky and the street
and our neighbors tucked inside their homes.

and then we stayed up until past one, so wild

and claire
reading on the big bed and talking some too.

Today, January 1, 2013

We took our traditional drive to the river, 
this time up Old Mine Road along the Jersey side, 
where we wrote a few wishes on leaves with sharpies 

Usually I gather up fistfuls of leaves 
writing wishes like a madwoman, 
then floating them into the river
a strange sort of spiritual gimme gimme thing
so full of wanting and desiring in this being alive life
but today I kept it simple,

2 leaves

1. cultivate joy  not too complicated

and the other, my mantra

2. trust my path unflinching

which is pretty much my life work,
so flipping wonderful and so damn hard
and so worth coming back to
over and over and over,
year after year.

float your dreams.

Happy New Year, campers!

I love you.

xo b

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