We Hold Each Other Up

You know the world is a giant heart, in spite of all its weirdness, when your kid’s teacher takes the time to send a box of chocolate-covered strawberries and green apples to your kid’s Pop Pop with a note:

Heard you took a fall. Here’s to a speedy recovery. Get well soon… ~ Tom Trauschke

I was still feeling *Star-Trekian when the chocolates arrived, bringing on a small, but much-needed weeping spell. Unexpected kindness does that to me. 

With Dad (aka Pop Pop) still in the hospital we are desperately trying not to eat them before bringing the box to him.

Dad said, “Go ahead, eat them, hon! I’m getting three meals a day in here…And you gotta give me Mr. Trauschke’s address so I can write him a note!!”

The next day, Neeny, our long-time fairy god-mother, left a care package on our front porch containing: two sesame bagels, two spring scarves, two fancy forks stamped with joy and peace, a running jacket for Claire, and other assorted goodies. She also left a voice mail saying that our cat, Owen, had left us a fat mouse as well. Oh.

This time, instead of weeping, I toasted half a bagel, smothered it with cream cheese (included in the care package) with a pretty scarf wrapped around my head. Every bite, divine…

All this to say, my cup runneth over. 

I am deeply grateful to be reminded of the many ways 

we hold each other up.

xo b

*Read Not Dangerous/ March 22, 2011

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