Not Dangerous

Lately, I’ve felt like this snow person. 


I knew my attitude desperately needed to shift when I stepped out of the shower yesterday and blurted, “I’ve lost all faith,” to our dog, Chewy, who was casually licking my wet feet. I knew I had to snap out of this bubble of hopelessness as I stood there, dripping wet, and watched the dog lick my feet

What the hell. I’m a mess. Maybe you’re a healer with very big ears. Get the pinky toe while you’re at it.

Ever since Dad fell out of bed and cracked his neck, like a skinny Humpty Dumpty, I’ve been putting the pieces back together, slowly.  

“Wait a minute. Of course, you’re feeling low. You were just starting to sink into the fact that Dad lived with you, after a whole year, and now, he’s not there! Give yourself a break,” Neeny said.

In the midst of Humpty’s fall and whole families being swept out to sea in Japan, I caught Michael’s very bad cold and felt terrible for the past five days

Zero energy. 

Things change. 

One day, flip-flops and a t-shirt, the next, it’s snowing. I woke today more hopeful, not quite so fragmented; my fragile faith had a pulse.
“Does my face look like me again?” I asked Michael.
“What sweetie?”
“My face? I’ve been looking like one of those outer space people that Captain Kirk would meet on his adventures. Very large head, slits for eyes, scales. Not dangerous, just swollen and weird.”
“Honey,” Michael said, “That’s so not true.”

It was so true. Trust me.

2 thoughts on “Not Dangerous

  1. Hey there ms. funk, i've been gone for a while and am checking back in. quite a ride you've been on lately…and quite a low you're hitting now 🙁 being sick is a drain, one that you often have to just wait out, which is just as frustrating as the illness itself. be kind to yourself. I'm sending you waves of positive and rejuvenating energy!! and while you heal, listen in the silence of your deep breathing for the sound of hope. it's there, but Ms. Dickinson says it best, “Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all.” you've still got it girl!! just need to reconnect the energy channels and you'll be back radiating in that sexy red dress!!

  2. Hello!
    Ms. Funk, here.
    I am listening in the silence for the sound of hope…"the thing with feathers…" how beautiful is that?

    You're beautiful too!!!

    Thanks for checking in ~ xo b

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