Roosting Together

A few weeks back, a large flock of wild turkeys tiptoed through my muddy yard. It was a dark, rainy day; those birds got me up out of my chair, cheering.

Then today, this one guy following his gal into the woods had me pulling off the road. 

My peeps are back…

Many believe that the turkey cannot fly, but this is not so. The turkey is capable of quick take-offs and can fly up to 50 miles per hour for short distances. They also run well upon their stout legs. They also perch in trees at night for safety, roosting together; and they will change their roosting nightly. They find strength in numbers and thus reflect the energy of sharing.

– from Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

A Tuesday shout-out and welcome to the newest members of the This Being Alive flock!! If anyone calls you a turkey, say thanks.

Here’s to strength in numbers, the energy of sharing…

and roosting together.

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