Apes In Capes

After a week of head colds and snow storms, Claire and I finally got down to visit Dad today. In spite of the neck collar and over two weeks in a hospital setting, he is doing great. He ate lunch like a truck driver, these wild blueberry muffins aren’t bad, while we caught him up on news from home. I was jotting down a list of things I could bring him…

“So Dad, would you like some books on tape?”
“Books on apes?” he said.
“Apes in capes?”

2 thoughts on “Apes In Capes

  1. I get it Bets..The phone call went like this: I say,"How are you feeling?" He responds,
    "What are you peeling?" And then his laughter begins..So I'm thinking he's hearing me and just playing with me.
    "An even keel,oh yes, yes they are. Things are on an even keel. Lovely people here. Food is quite good.
    More laughter. Lots of twinkle eye bright face laughter..and so the visit goes..
    So if you who know him or know of him would like to feel a bit lighter of heart, make time for a visit with Ellworth Jackson..

  2. This is such a lovely note, thank you. Yes, the laughter. This is the one thing that keeps me in awe. The twinkle, the laughter, and more laughter.

    Claire said, " I think Pop likes to crack himself up, Mom."

    "I think he's on to something, don't you think, Claire?."

    xoxo b

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