A Sunday Gift

When I was a kid, Dad would occasionally come home with small gifts for me and my brothers; a bottle of blowing bubbles, a kazoo, or maybe one of those balsa airplanes that would always nose-dive into the bushes. The giving of the gift was always prefaced with a reference to the day of the week, so if it was a Tuesday, Dad would say, “Here’s a small Tuesday gift.” And so on. We never tired of it and over the years, the saying has stuck.

Since I began this blog, I’ve asked my readers to put their beautiful, smiling faces on the follower page and that’s exactly what I saw this morning when I turned on my computer; A big yellow smiley face!

So, thanks so much, *follower #29, for your Sunday gift.

It’s the simple things that get me through, especially when I’m all twisted up about the cat throwing up on the good rug. Simple, lovely things like bubbles, a kazoo, & knowing that somewhere there’s a reader checking into This Being Alive.

*I know there are more of you out there. You’ve told me so.

With gratitude,
Bets xo

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