NOT A Bumper Sticker

No, it wasn’t a bumper sticker this time. I was heading home with Claire in the car, after day #2 of subbing and my Wednesday yoga class with teachers in Stroudsburg. I was tired and hungry, so when something shiny and silvery caught my eye on the truck in front of me I thought, I cannot be seeing what I think I’m seeing. But I was.

I called my daughter, Jess, to confirm my latest sighting.

Hi Jess.
Hi Mom, how are you?
Tired, fine. How’s Elizabeth?
That’s good, long day right? So honey, I’ve got a question.
What’s that, Mom?
On my way home today, I was behind a very large white Dodge Ram truck. I mean, I knew it was that kind of truck because of the ram sticker in the back window and…
Anyway, there was this thing hanging from the trailer hitch, honey. It was silver and looked…
Oh yea, balls. I’ve seen them…
Balls? Men are hanging replicas of balls on the back of their trucks now?
Yep. Some guys have blue ones, I think maybe they come in white too.

I think at this point Claire came into the room as I choked on my Tension Tamer tea. “What’s on the back of a truck, Mom?” she asked. Claire has ears like a bat. Or some creature that can hear really, really well.

“Nothing honey,” I said, “your sister was just telling me about a *bumper sticker.”

*read First Amendment Blues & Another Part of the Weirdness

3 thoughts on “NOT A Bumper Sticker

  1. I used to see a king-sized pickup truck parked in front of the office, gold lame balls hanging prominently. A middle aged woman drove the truck to our pediatric office! I never saw what the children looked like. HA!

  2. We just saw that the other day … but the ones we saw were blue. WHY would anyone hang that from their truck. I conveniently changed the subject when Danielle noticed them and asked what they were. Having children has allowed my to perfect my "changing the subject" skills.

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