Haven’t Changed A Bit

*Chick, n.
1. a young chicken
2. a young bird
3. a child: an endearing term

4. A camel-smoking, vegetarian who doesn’t like vegetables, gets his heart rate up with a good pot of coffee, has a weakness for baked goods, baseball buff, Civil War historian, person who cannot wrap his mind around Sarah Palin and president being together in the same sentence.
Big guy with a full head of hair.
Great story teller.

Chick is my husband’s friend from back in the day.

Trumpet player extraordinaire, whose Dad played third chair (trumpet) for the Chicago Symphony his whole life, yet never came to see Chick play professionally until they ran into each other in Munich while Chick was touring Europe with Rod Stewart.

Thirty-five years later, Chick arrives in his white Mustang with navy blue racing stripes and says to my husband, Michael,Hey man, you haven’t changed a bit.”

* Read “Two Chicks”

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