Two By Four-ness

The past couple of days I’ve felt like a two by four, hard and straight, no bends anywhere. The ear thing hasn’t helped. I just about turned to stone when I went to the pharmacy to get ear drops and the price came to $110. I left without the drops. Fortunately, I got a new script for much less ($18), but the pain has been slow in leaving.

Still, people aren’t meant to be boards. It’s very uncomfortable. Clearly a good cry would’ve at least eased my two by four-ness. But I was holding tight. Until today, when I turned to the toaster, beloved toaster, to recover the burnt mini-bagel that I had spaced out while letting the cat out. Or was it in? Eyes welling up I thought, throw the damn thing at the wall, but I needed sustenance, so I made a crunchy sandwich instead; turkey with cheese, easy on the mayo.

After my bagel, I headed to Wilkes University to speak to a small group of grad students about writing, & a few other things like, how I’d managed to shave my legs this very day. I must’ve mentioned that juicy tidbit at least three times. I wasn’t thinking. See next paragraph…

I parked my car, still in two by four mode, and entered Breiseth Hall. Near the stairs I happened by the office of Professor Linda M. Paul, PhD, Philosophy. She had various messages taped on her door. One read, I think therefore I’m dangerous. Immediately, my shoulders dropped. I walked up the stairs to room 209, feeling a little better with each step. As I entered the room, there was a sudden loosening in my back. Ah, I thought, finally, I’m letting go. But it wasn’t my tight two by four self. It was my bra, suddenly unhooked in the back.

Note to self: Unhook yourself, kid…let it all hang out.

2 thoughts on “Two By Four-ness

  1. I must say that I was excited to come home from class and check out your blog. It is fantastic. Since the card i picked out of that candy bag said "practice graditude", I wanted to capatalize on it. So thank you Betsy for opening my eyes to how i really feel about writing and creativity. You were like a breath of fresh air. A million times, thank you.

    Ps) I bought a journal after class to continue the journey.

  2. Wow! I just read this tonight. I am so grateful for your presence in class yesterday; the whole afternoon was a breath of fresh air, Yahoo!
    I can't tell you how happy I am that you went out and bought a journal. YES! Enjoy it.

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