Call It What You Will

Call it what you will:
Source Energy
The Universe
The Merry Prankster
Ethel?…but I believe this It has a great sense of humor and perfect timing.

You see, yesterday the bra unhooked and I got some breathing room, but didn’t allow it to last. I woke up this morning, still quite stuck in my two by four-ness mind/body thing. I admit, sometimes I’m a hard nut to crack. Odd how frequently I point out to my husband how damn stubborn he can be, but now I’m seeing, Hmmmm. Look in the mirror, my pretty, and speaketh to thyself.

Back to Ethel. I found myself in a conversation today that lead to a spiritual slap in the face, for lack of a better description. I took it on the chin with gratitude. Ethel knew I really needed it.

The conversation circled around slogans, mantras, things we say to keep ourselves breathing and heads above water. Easy Does It. Let Go and Let God. Bikers Do It Better. Be Here Now…you get the picture. Gentle reminders that it’s okay to be human; in other words, messy.

A friend said, “Oh, before you go, this is a good one. Figure it out is not a slogan. And with that, I exhaled, and said goodbye to my time as a piece of lumber. There was the softest feeling nesting inside me, like God, Merry Prankster, It, sweet Ethel, had dropped the most beautiful apple in my lap and I didn’t have to do anything but hold its roundness in my hands and love it.

3 thoughts on “Call It What You Will

  1. Am I dreaming….where is the Colonel?

    "I did't start writing until I was forty seven…" (you idiot, give it up )
    "That's the voice I need to banish every morning.", [Abigail Thomas, A Three Dog Life] The Colonel?
    Abigail Thomas has changed my perspective with her gut wrenching essays. Whoa, don't know what to say, except I'm glad her Colonel didn't take over. Thanks for the reference.

    Am I dreaming? I'm glad the Colonel disappeared. He worried me.
    (Bernie )

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